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Onychonycteris (Early bat)




The Colony


Raja, Hatha





The White bats Edit

Q was the amongst the first in the generation born after the formation of the Colony. Her parents we're in the high position so naturally after Q aged a little she became amongst the more important bats in the Colony. She is in charge of the new bats who join the Colony, even so her whole life she was alienated from the outside world and with that she lacked skills in understanding good and bad and so she would instinctively help any bat of her own species.

Facing the truth Edit

While taking care of Raja and teaching him of the Colonies existence she finally pushed boundaries after insisting that a Saurian joins the Colony as it's protector. Her actions eventually lost the respect of the Colony and so until she proves that Hatha can indeed join, she will stay as one of the bats in the lowest position.

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