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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    Story Report

    June 3, 2009 by Bioniclepluslotr

    Just to see if anyone is really reading my story, I've created a little assignment for fun. Read my story Nightwing or Shadowwing and in the comments, write a paragraph about a single character, describing their personality and what they did, or about the plot.

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  • Bioniclepluslotr


    You may be wondering about my story Shadowwing. What's with all the weird sci-fi stuff? The real plot behind it is this:

    1. Humans mess up the world with pollution and crap.

    2. Animals are angered by it.

    3. The God Fleesh decides to use human tech against them.

    4. The God Fleesh creates the Animal Union HQ in a cave.

    5. Weapons and armor are manufactured by a hidden unmanned factory in the HQ.


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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    Blog Feature

    February 9, 2009 by Bioniclepluslotr

    This wikia has just gotten the new blog feature. This means that blogs and avatars are now a feature! Use these blogs for things you want to share, but remember, inappropriate things will get you banned.

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