• Red Raptor

    -The whole is what I made up walking one night with my friends, when I saw two white bats flying over my head. I asked my friend than, do you like more bats or mice. He answered bats ("They look so fluffy and cute"), and I agreed that I find them fascinating, than he told me I should write something about bats and dinosaurs.

    -At first I didn't know what kind of bat it should be, or what was it's name. But Hatha, the raptor was the first characters I thought off. Instead of Oxyaenas there we're a flock of Gastronis as main enemies at first. Than, when I was drawing some dinosaurs, I remembered it would be better to make Hatha a Nanotyrannus, because a raptor would stand little chances against the pack of felids (Instead of Oxyaenas). I wrote…

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