The story concept and characters

-The whole is what I made up walking one night with my friends, when I saw two white bats flying over my head. I asked my friend than, do you like more bats or mice. He answered bats ("They look so fluffy and cute"), and I agreed that I find them fascinating, than he told me I should write something about bats and dinosaurs.

-At first I didn't know what kind of bat it should be, or what was it's name. But Hatha, the raptor was the first characters I thought off. Instead of Oxyaenas there we're a flock of Gastronis as main enemies at first. Than, when I was drawing some dinosaurs, I remembered it would be better to make Hatha a Nanotyrannus, because a raptor would stand little chances against the pack of felids (Instead of Oxyaenas). I wrote couple of lines between Hatha, the still unnamed bat, felids and Gastronis. Than I heard of Oxyaena, a strange cross between a wolverine and a tiger, which would make a better enemy to a Nanotyranus than fragile felids, but still Hatha was too strong to be a fight we're she is supposed to lose. The fight scene between Hatha and the pack of Gastronis/Felids/Oxyaenas was re-imagined much times. However, the rest of the story was made by the way. Even the name of the main character, Raja the early bat was made only when I started making his article.

-All in all, this is a story I made (mostly) directly from mu head, so please excuse my bad writing skills and shaky storyline. Oh, and Gastronis parts we're left to be only minor, background characters! Red Raptor 17 February 2009

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