• Windu223

    Murk-eese dictionary

    June 11, 2009 by Windu223
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    Murk-eese dictionary. This will help you learn Murk's language!

    Lol: Happy Murk

    Teh Lolz!: Really happy Murk

    Tree: Any type of tree

    Teh Tree!!!1!11: The best thing in the world!11!!!

    Teh: The

    Noob: Someone who Murk dislikes or someone who is new

    n00b: Stronger version of the insult Noob

    Lolz: Lol except with a Z!! Teh z adds more awesomeness

    Mahr: More

    Pwn: beat someone

    uberpwn: beat someone really badly

    lazahz: lasers

    lazah: laser

    beemz: beems

    Tehre: There

    Tehre's: There's

    pwnage: awesomeness

    epic: awesome

    uberlolpwnage: super-mega-giga super awesome happy awsomeness!!1!1!1

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  • Windu223

    English into Murk-eese

    March 31, 2009 by Windu223

    This is just a little retarded blog I made for fun. Type a sentence on a comment, and I'll translate it into Murk-eese! If you just want to make a comment, and don't want it to be translated, put DON'T TRANSLATE: at the start of a comment. I'm looking forward to trnaslating stuff into Murk-eese!

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  • Windu223

    About Saltwing

    March 30, 2009 by Windu223

    Now that I got Macewing's sequel fired up, i'm going to make a blog about what occurs and stuff like that. Oh, and this blog is spoiler free.


    Elvere encounters many personal problems throughout Saltwing. This is a list of the four main things that are disturbing him.

    1. Kelxi's pregnancy

    2. A suspicous newborn

    3. A relation between a fuit bat mother and Oyal

    4.Still having creepy visions (Harry Potter style! Yay england! Tea! Crumpets! Gits! Bloody! You get the point!)

    Unlike Macewing, Saltwing doesn't have to do with hell nearly as much. But i'm not gonna drop that subject just yet...

    Main Characters





    Oyal (desceased though)

    Minor Characters



    Anonymous Mother


    I am going to add to this. Don't whine about me not upd…

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