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Murk-eese dictionary. This will help you learn Murk's language!

Lol: Happy Murk

Teh Lolz!: Really happy Murk

Tree: Any type of tree

Teh Tree!!!1!11: The best thing in the world!11!!!

Teh: The

Noob: Someone who Murk dislikes or someone who is new

n00b: Stronger version of the insult Noob

Lolz: Lol except with a Z!! Teh z adds more awesomeness

Mahr: More

Pwn: beat someone

uberpwn: beat someone really badly

lazahz: lasers

lazah: laser

beemz: beems

Tehre: There

Tehre's: There's

pwnage: awesomeness

epic: awesome

uberlolpwnage: super-mega-giga super awesome happy awsomeness!!1!1!1

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